coffee to go business plan

Opening coffee to go can be a great project for a beginner or an experienced entrepreneur.

In the fast pace of modern life, people often do not spend time on long gatherings over a cup of espresso, but only manage to run in for the right drink and go about their business. Coffee is recognized as one of the most popular drinks in all parts of the world.

This article will review a coffee to go business plan with a financial plan and tips for opening an establishment. We will go over the details in the development of the project, touch on the details and discuss the structure of the project in detail.

Business Idea Brief

“Coffee to go” is a point of sale, the product of which is freshly brewed coffee in a disposable cup. The customer purchases the product and leaves the establishment. He has the ability to enjoy a drink on the go.

At the moment, there are two ways to develop takeaway coffee. An option with the creation of a small kiosk near a bus stop or the location of a coffee counter in a shopping and entertainment complex or business center.

Market and competitor analysis

Considering a coffee to go business plan requires studying the market and the competitive factor in the chosen field.

The customer base for takeaway coffee services consists of students and employees. In general, the age of clients ranges from 16 to 35 years. At the same time, the main income is brought by students aged 17 to 25 years.
It must be understood that in most cases the visit of a client depends on an impulsive fleeting desire, i.e. the audience is not drawn to the same point all the time. Much depends on the location and conditions.

Competing coffee houses compete on the following parameters:

 Value for money

A successful outlet will be one that can optimize and adjust all processes so that coffee is tasty and inexpensive .
The price tag, which will be “lower” even by a small amount, will be able to attract students who are striving for constant savings.


Guests will choose a service based on its physical accessibility . It is worth choosing a place by analyzing information about the attendance of objects nearby


 A barista should not only be polite and friendly, but also be able to quickly cope with their duties. In the development of takeaway coffee, speed plays a significant role.


The wider and more varied the choice of drinks and snacks, the greater the demand for business services. Customers enjoy trying new flavors, and having snacks available means they don’t have to spend extra time shopping along the way.


You can create a system of discounts for regular customers. For example, give away the fifth cup of coffee for free, after registering the buyer by phone number. Thus, guests will be assigned to a specific outlet

Choosing a location for a coffee point

The opening of coffee to go and the further fate of such a business is connected with the first step – the choice of a place where the institution will be located. Immediately pay attention to the “fixed” areas of stay of large groups of people:

  • Stops
  • Business centers
  • Shopping and entertainment complexes
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • parks
  • Embankments
  • Educational establishments
  • Aero and bus stations

It is important to understand that the key indicator is not the number of people passing by, but their willingness to purchase the offered product.

Consider the possible ways of location in detail:
shopping center, shopping center and shopping center

When choosing in favor of such organizations , all entertainment facilities – cinemas, amusement parks, playgrounds, etc. will be useful options.

The advantage of the local audience in its pre-formed task to spend finances, in connection with this, buying a cup of coffee becomes almost mandatory.

In addition, you can pay attention to large grocery stores – this is a wide area for pedestrians, or the proximity of pastry shops and bakeries. The presence of such establishments nearby provokes the audience to buy coffee.

The only disadvantage of accommodation in shopping malls is the high rent due to constant demand.

Educational establishments

Profit will be brought by the location near universities and colleges, as customer traffic is provided during business hours from September to May. The downside, of course, is the lack of demand for coffee during the summer holidays among students.

Business centers

The main advantage of the development of the project next to the BC is the solvency of the audience. Here, no one will save on additions to the order, thereby increasing the average cost of the check.

Stops and metro stations

If you managed to find a suitable option near public transport stops, use your opportunity without hesitation. However, remember that at this point the key to success is visibility and accessibility (a couple of steps from the bus / minibus, etc.). If the option does not meet the requirements, it is better to turn to alternatives.

 Railway stations and airports

Accommodation associated with large movements of passengers can cause difficulties for a novice entrepreneur. Railway and motor transport stations do not attract with comfort, and the solvency of the audience raises questions.

As for the airport, it is possible to locate a retail outlet there only after winning a special tender, since the competition is too great.


To open coffee to go, you need to resolve legal issues by collecting documents and permits from various organizations.
You should start with tax registration as an individual entrepreneur or LLC.

paper cup business

Takeaway coffee refers to catering establishments. OKVED code: “Activities of public catering organizations with take-away service.” This means that you need to learn about all the conditions for the existence of such organizations:

  • Sanitation standards
  • Personnel aspects
  • Process safety
  • Rules for sanitary and epidemiological safety
  • Food Processing
  • Correct transportation and reception of raw materials
  • Activities related to the extermination of insects and rodents
  • Equipment
  • Documents confirming the existence of an individual entrepreneur or LLC
  • lease or building agreement
  • Sanitary books
  • Trading license
  • Trade Patent
  • Installation of cash registers
  • Bank details

If the establishment is built on a new site, you will have to obtain permission from the fire department.

The exact list of what you need can be found on the website of Rospotrebnadzor .

The optimal taxation system is UTII “Provision of catering services through catering facilities that do not have halls for serving visitors.”

Remember the “Consumer’s Corner”, which includes the law “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”, a book of reviews and suggestions and information about the design of the project. For the absence of a corner, a fine of 10-30 thousand rubles is charged.

Choice of equipment for coffee to go

Coffee to go equipment includes:

  • Coffee machine (the cost can be up to 160 thousand rubles. However, this price is justified by the quality of the drink and its rich taste. Make sure that the power of the equipment is not less than 5 kilowatts, the tank volume is at least 8 liters and there is the ability to work with cups up to 400 ml .)
  • Refrigerator (useful for storing dairy products. The cost will be 14-17 thousand rubles.)
  • Coffee grinder (if the coffee machine does not have a grinding function, the cost will be approximately 10,000 rubles).
  • Disposable tableware (Cups with lids and convenient holders will give comfort to customers. The approximate price tag is 2 thousand rubles.)
  • Coffee counter (required for full-fledged work and interaction with guests)
  • measuring instruments
  • Storage shelves
  • Table

Design and design of coffee to go

The unique design of coffee to go will be reflected in the flow of customers and their attraction. Glasses with branded symbols will not only be remembered by the buyer, but will also become a “live” advertisement for passers-by.

It is worth immediately deciding on the style of the institution. Decide if a minimalist approach is right for you or if blooming brightness is your primary preference. You can change design details depending on the season and world events, keeping only the general design features.

You are free to come up with something new and enticing – for example, portraits on a cup for each guest or autographs of stars on cups.

Think about ways to get people of different ages interested. The style can be chosen based on the location: office workers and students are attracted to different designs.

Search for suppliers and purchase of consumables

Consumables include:

  • Drinking water (the taste of coffee directly depends on water. Experts recommend adhering to standards and purchasing water of SCAA and SCAE samples. The average consumption per day will be 50-60 liters);
  • Milk (it is better to buy fresh milk with a long shelf life. A variety of milk bases is welcome: vegetable and animal origin;
  • Coffee beans;
  • Toppings;
  • syrups.

You can decide on a worthy coffee supplier by the following parameters:

  • The cost of the product (1 kg of coffee costs approximately 1 thousand rubles and is used for 120 cups);
  • Assortment and volumes of deliveries (count on the quantity of supplied products that is convenient for your point, the choice depends on demand and sales volume)
  • Guarantees (discuss options for returning, exchanging goods, agree on the timing of claims)
  • Location (the closer the supplier base, the cheaper and faster the delivery process will be)
  • Terms of payment (choose the best calculation option: with payment in advance or after the completion of transportation operations).
  • Make sure that all products comply with GOSTs and have quality assurance documents .

You can find a supplier who organizes the full provision of takeaway coffee with everything you need: toppings, syrups, additives, dairy products and grains.

Such cooperation will cost approximately 50,000 rubles. monthly

Recruitment for a takeaway coffee shop

Unlike a full-fledged cafe or restaurant, a take-away coffee shop does not need a large number of staff. It is worth choosing two baristas who will work in shifts and appointing one accountant.

coffee house

When selecting personnel, pay attention to the skills of polite communication and quick reaction to events and information.
Baristas must be familiar with coffee varieties and brewing techniques. The attendance of the facility and its growth as an organization will depend on the quality of the drinks.

Advertising and marketing of coffee to go

In order to answer the question of how to increase sales of coffee to go and constantly stay afloat, you will have to attract guests not only with pleasant drinks, but also with constant promotions and loyalty programs.

To ensure general hype, enter a day when everyone pays for coffee in a donation format, i.e. chooses the payment amount. This will introduce new people to the service of a particular takeaway coffee and expand the customer base. Also, customers will remember the promotion and will regularly learn about its repetition or new offers.

You can use social networks to advertise the institution and expand the audience. Add a discount system or gifts for publications on Instagram or Vkontakte with a mention of the service, enter “pay with likes”. Students will love this approach.

“Secure” the customer base by collecting mobile phones at the time of purchase. Give away every fifth or sixth cup of coffee for free (check by phone number).
Use all the power of your imagination to surprise with unexpected moves, thereby arousing interest and a desire to return to the coffee shop.

How much does it cost to open coffee to go

How much it costs to open a coffee to go is related to the chosen rental and delivery terms.
Monthly expenses :

  • Staff salary – 30-40 thousand rubles.
  • Rent payment – 15-30 thousand rubles.
  • Purchase of raw materials and consumables – 80 thousand rubles.
  • Payment for utilities – 2 thousand rubles.
  • Taxes – 4 thousand rubles.

Total per month: 131 – 156 thousand rubles .

Initial investment :

  • Equipment – 100 thousand rubles.
  • Raw materials – 80 thousand rubles.
  • Registration – 15 thousand rubles.
  • Rent for the first month – 15-30 thousand rubles.

Total: 210-225 thousand rubles.

How much can you earn at your takeaway coffee shop

Let’s calculate the income and payback:
Number of day guests * standard check * 30 days = 100 * 80 * 30 = 280,000 monthly
Number of day visitors * check cost * 30 days

(100 * 30 * 30 = 90,000 monthly)

Other costs:
50,000 rubles. monthly

Net profit:

Income – (cost + other expenses) \u003d 280 – (50 + 90) \u003d 140,000 rubles. monthly
Profitability — 60%
Payback — 4-6 months

It will be most profitable to open a coffee shop in the fall, since coffee to go is a seasonal business.

Business pros and cons

The type of takeaway coffee business is quite popular due to the following factors:

  • Quick results with low investment and convenient pace of implementation
  • High demand
  • Possible growth of the coffee shop chain
  • Mobility
  • Of course, there are obvious difficulties:
  • Competition
  • Long clearance
  • Coffee is a drink whose popularity depends on the season.
  • The audience is unstable

However, the coffee to go business is quite lucrative and convenient for those who are new to the business. The most important thing is the ability to cope with the “pitfalls”.

Possible risks

  • Change of season (a thunderstorm for the institution is the onset of the summer season. In summer, people choose nature, and the city remains without customer traffic, you can attract visitors in the warm season with a new menu, cool water and interesting recipes).
  • Economic crisis (make sure the business project is reliable in advance).
  • Holidays at the students (create an assortment of goods that will satisfy people from different fields).
  • Weather conditions (rain will interfere with doing business, but frost, on the contrary, will force people to buy a cup of warm coffee).
  • In general, risks can be mitigated by paying attention to the choice on the menu and choosing the right suppliers.

We wish you good luck in implementing your coffee to go business plan. Everything will work out!