Business plan for a beauty salon with calculations

In our time, business has become one of the most reliable ways of such implementation, and the beauty industry has become one of the most sought-after industries for investments by both entrepreneurs and their clients.
In the article we will consider the financial plan of a beauty salon, calculations, the percentage of profitability and the demand for the idea will be shown. In addition, we will discuss the risks and give some useful recommendations to aspiring businessmen.

The relevance of opening a beauty salon

Today, people are increasingly trying to pay attention to external attractiveness. The ability to charm others is important not only in personal communication, but also in business relationships. Of course, grooming and presentable appearance play a role in the perception of one person by others. In this regard, beauty salons are permanently popular, growing every day.

It is known that the sales market is only 50% saturated, and according to the forecasts of field researchers, the further rate of filling this market will be only 10% per year. At the same time, the beauty industry is not subject to fall during financial crises. For example, in 2014, new stores continued to open and operate despite the difficult situation on the markets.

beauty salon services

The relevance of the topic is also worth considering from the point of view of competition. The salon business is a long-established part of the service sector , it is widespread and developed. Beauty services are offered everywhere, and the variety of options indicates the presence of serious competition among organizations.

However, it is important to understand that every successful salon is designed for a specific audience . If, when forming a business, the answers to questions regarding customers and interaction with them are clearly formulated, the necessary contingent will use the services of the institution for a long time or on an ongoing basis. In addition, in the age of technological progress, the range of possibilities for the beauty industry is expanding. New equipment is being created, the sphere is in a state of rapid improvement and improvement.

This means that the chance to stand out from the competition becomes more accessible. Advanced technologies help to creatively approach the services, focus the attention of guests on certain advantages of the organization, bypassing rivals.
The incentive to open new salons lies in the eternal demand for the service, so the importance of studying the financial plan for the development of a beauty salon is high. We can say with confidence that the success of the beauty salon project depends on the approach with which the entrepreneur starts working on the idea.

Project description

Next, a ready-made business plan for a beauty salon located in a large city will be considered. The project is aimed at residents with average salaries and living in a residential area. Typically, the service of such an organization is provided to men and women of middle age and less often to children.

Services include hairdressing and beauty options, pedicures, manicures, artificial tanning services, face and body skin care, and the sale of cosmetics for care.

How to arrange a beauty salon

Before you start applying a business idea in practice, you must definitely register and become an individual entrepreneur or register an organization as an LLC. The business will be associated with OKVED 93.02 , which is responsible for the services provided by hairdressers and organizations from the beauty industry. The project is subject to temporary income tax (UTII) or other STS in the presence of cosmetic services.
For full registration and opening, the following documents are required:

  • Business plan
  • Contract for the lease of premises
  • Documents from the sanitary and epidemiological station (SES) and fire services
  • Permission to conduct business and implement activities (consent of the city administration)
  • Consent to Sell Business-Relevant Items
  • Cashier Service Agreement
  • Agreement with a housing maintenance office
  • Certificate of conformity
  • Medical documents confirming the qualifications of personnel
  • Documents for the transportation of used tools and substances
  • Licenses for service options that violate the integrity of the skin (cosmetology, etc.)
beauty salon documents

Separately, for SES you will need:

  • Laundry service agreement
  • Agreement on the disposal of used materials and derivative works (for example, hair)
  • Journal of equipment sterilization
  • Organized ensuring the full operation of the ventilation system
  • Production documentation
  • Assortment catalog
  • Documentation is affected by the regional location of the institution.

Room selection and design

When choosing a room for a beauty salon, you must immediately choose a strategy. You must decide whether to buy a room or arrange its lease. In most cases, the first option is only suitable for very wealthy citizens who have a strong position in the market and may already have several establishments in a particular business area. But the second option is more flexible, affordable and enjoyable, since rent always pays off.

Before concluding a lease, pay attention to the size of the premises. Will it be convenient to provide the selected services? Is there enough space to install equipment? We recommend creating conditions for the comfort of customers and staff. It is worth considering premises with a customer reception area, rooms for cosmetic procedures and creating hairstyles, and nail care rooms. The salon will also need a utility room.

The preferred object parameters are as follows:

  • Location in a residential area
  • 40-100 m2
  • “Main” and “black” inputs
  • Desirable parking
  • First or second floor
  • Availability of space for banners and signs

Get information about plumbing. To work, you need a bathroom and sinks. If plumbing is not installed, arrange with the landlord to install the appropriate equipment or to carry out repairs.
We offer a universal memo on the conclusion of a lease agreement:

  • Read the 34th chapter of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation
  • Before completing the paperwork, make sure of the following details:
  • Ownership of an object
  • The decision to put real estate into operation after repair or construction
  • Intended Use Compliance
  • Absence of third parties in the lease agreement,
  • Absence of collateral or arrest under which the premises may be located
  • If the lease period exceeds 1 year, the agreement must be registered in the Unified State Register of Rights. This obligation can be avoided when drawing up a contract for an indefinite period, “before the event” (for example, before reconstruction) or for a period of less than 1 year.
  • The agreement must include information about the rent and the possibility of repairing the premises.

Beauty salon equipment and furniture

In choosing equipment and furniture, the main guideline is the level of service. This salon offers a variety of services. In this case, it is obvious that chairs, mirrors and a refrigeration unit will be needed to conduct a full-fledged activity.

barber equipment

It is equally important to think about shelves and space for tools. In addition, couches, ultraviolet lamps, tables, baths and nail sterilizers are useful.

Furniture should be chosen with due attention, because it is the attributes of the furniture that can create an atmosphere of comfort and a desire to visit the establishment. Look at the interior and pick up furniture that will concisely fit into it. Take care of the comfort of your guests.

Price of beauty salon services

A feature of our salon will be the high quality of services combined with the average cost. This will allow you to stand out from the competition, attract new customers and keep in touch with old ones. Below are some of the areas of service with examples of specific services and the price for the guest.

Hair Care Services

  • Haircut – 260-810 rubles.
  • Laying – 360-2600 rubles.
  • Coloring – 760-2300 rubles.
  • Chemistry – 50-2100 rubles.
  • Manicure – 50-800 rubles.
  • Pedicure – 250-1000 rubles.
  • Nail extension – 30-1250 rubles.
  • Solarium – 15-1000 rubles.
  • Cosmetology – 100-4500 rubles.
  • Massage – 600-750 rubles.

Depending on the length and quality of the hair, the condition of the nails, skin, body and the desired result, the procedures are divided into specific divisions. As a result, the price list of a beauty salon will contain 100-120 items. In addition, you can set prices for related products:

  • Serums for the scalp and hair – 650-2050 rubles.
  • Balms and conditioners – 150-200 rubles.
  • Creams and gels – 230-250 rubles.
  • Masks – 360-680 rubles.
  • Shampoos – 150-450 rubles.
  • Complex sets – 950-1050 rubles.

Further, we propose to consider the possible services in more detail in order to form a clear idea of ​​the “filling” of the service.

Manicure is divided into classic, European and hardware. Separately, a manicure with the use of varnish (medical, gel polish, etc.) stands out, an additional option is design, extension, correction of nails. The list of pedicure options is close to the above list, however, it often requires the intervention of special equipment. This list expands and continues, only general directions are touched upon in this article.

Hairdressing services include trims, all kinds of haircuts (children’s, women’s, men’s), bangs, modeling, coloring, styling and perm styles. This sometimes includes work with eyebrows.

Cosmetology contains an extended set of functions. Here, work with the skin: procedures for cleaning, tightening and rejuvenation. Also for cleansing, modeling, applying masks and peelings. Cosmetology includes hair removal in several variations (photoepilation, elos-epilation, classical, etc.), mesotherapy and hardware massage.

From the listed areas, you can easily choose the right one and the right one for the price – what will be included in the price list of the beauty salon.


The staff of the institution is a factor in the success of the organization. The qualifications of employees affect the profitability of the beauty salon and the future.
It is worth choosing one director, two administrators (shift work), 5-7 craftsmen and a cleaner. To select personnel, it is worth conducting an oral interview and practical work. This will help to understand what complex of knowledge and skills belongs to the employee, and how ready and suitable he is to perform the necessary tasks.

You can search for personnel at the labor exchange, use Internet portals, ads, contacts of acquaintances and educational institutions. For those who work, it is better to create a piecework work plan and set a salary of 25% relative to the services provided.


Financial plan and profitability of a beauty salon

The project of a beauty salon requires financial investments. A responsible approach to the use of funds will ensure a dense flow of customers, a quick payback and a stable profit.
The financial plan is divided into two parts. It is worth considering the preparatory and main stages of the existence and development of the organization.
At the preparatory stage, the following costs are expected:

  • Documentation – 25-30 thousand rubles.
  • Arrangement of the premises – 240-250 thousand rubles.
  • Equipment (purchase) – 780-850 thousand rubles.
  • Equipment (installation) – 60 thousand rubles.
  • Recruitment – 10-15 thousand rubles.
  • Advertising and marketing moves – 70-80 thousand rubles.

The main stage consists of new positions:

  • Room rental – 70-80 thousand rubles.
  • Salary – 150-220 thousand rubles.
  • Accounting – 10 thousand rubles.
  • Advertising campaigns – 30 thousand rubles.
  • Utilities – 15 thousand rubles.
  • Consumables – 50 thousand rubles.
  • Unforeseen expenses – 10 thousand rubles.


According to preliminary calculations, investments in the amount of 1185-1285 thousand rubles are required to start a business. (details on the expenditure base are discussed in the previous section). In addition, you need to take into account insurance premiums for personnel:

  • FIU
  • FSS

Depending on the number of employees, you need to calculate the percentage of the payroll and compare it with the annual budget and costs. A staff of five employees, for example, accounts for 30% of this fund, then the contributions will be:

  • PFR = 150,000 rubles. * 22% = 33,000 rubles.
  • FFOMS = 150,000 rubles. * 5.1% = 7,650 rubles.
  • FSS = 150,000 rubles. * 2.9% = 4,350 rubles.

Accordingly, monthly insurance premiums will amount to 45,000 rubles.

How much money does a beauty salon make

With a properly organized work process, the monthly revenue will amount to 618 thousand rubles.
At the same time, fixed costs will require about 300 thousand rubles. per month.
Thus, profit = 318 thousand rubles.
The profitability of a beauty salon is about 50%.

Beauty salon advertising and marketing

To increase the attendance of a beauty salon, you need to use a variety of marketing and advertising moves. It is worth analyzing the target audience, understanding what the competition is and finding out how the institution differs from rivals. A marketing specialist can help with this.

Explore the possibilities of existing advertising portals. This includes the press, the Internet, the website and social networks. It is the Vkontakte groups, the designed Instagram profile and the selected type of advertising (targeted, contextual) that can bring the most tangible results. Check out SEO. A structured and attractive site will become a calling card. It is very important that guests can easily find all the necessary information on the salon portals.


Further, you can use flyers to draw the attention of passers-by to the organization. Focus your audience’s attention on great deals and unique services to generate interest and affection.

Advertising and marketing also includes the design of a sign or banner. The name of the institution should be bright and memorable, the signboard should be bright and catchy. The above is included in the “presentation” of the beauty salon, which will influence its future fate.

Possible risks

Of course, when starting a business, one should be especially careful about possible difficulties and “pitfalls”. The general list of risks in project implementation is presented below:

  • Increase in prices for the raw material base (external risk). The entire activity of the organization depends decisively on materials and tools. In order to avoid incidents in the event of an increase in cost, it is worthwhile to form a supplier base in advance – this will provide an opportunity to choose an alternative.
  • Lack of professional staff. This factor refers to the internal risk that can be reflected in external details. Guest satisfaction is based on the professionalism of the staff and is directly related to the popularity of the institution and its income. It is recommended to conduct regular refresher courses for staff in order to always maintain the bar.
  • Rapid change in trends
    This risk is associated with the rapid obsolescence of technology, equipment and procedures. However, it is leveled by the constant desire to learn new things about the beauty industry.

Tips for a beginner businessman

There are tricks to avoid some problems at the start and organize the work of the institution optimally.
So, the founder of the salon should delve into the change of some technologies by others in detail, always be aware of trends and fresh fashion trends. To do this, it is necessary to attend master classes, attend festivals and oblige staff to pay attention to such events.

In addition, it is recommended to participate in competitions and events of the beauty industry. This will attract not only new customers, but also qualified and interested personnel.

Remember that you do not need to offer customers all possible services at once. An excessively wide choice will make it difficult for the guest to get acquainted with the list of options and will quickly get bored. You will have to supplement the list of options with new procedures, and this will not succeed due to the existing saturation and will further confuse the client.

It is also recommended to conduct regular testing for personnel to be sure of the quality of the work performed.

On the path of a novice entrepreneur, there is always a place for difficulties. However, we are confident in the success that accompanies every businessman and we hope that the presented ready-made business plan for a beauty salon with calculations helped you understand the basics of implementing a project in the beauty industry.